About us

Thank you for your interest, and wanting to find out more about The Kent Foundation. We are a unique charity based in Kent dedicated to providing free business support, advice and business mentoring to Kent’s young people who wish to start or grow a business in Kent. There’s a little bit more about what we get up to below but if there’s anything else you want to know about our charity then we welcome you to get in touch.



Our mission is to ensure young people of Kent get the support they need to be successful in starting and growing a business, so contributing to the overall success of Kent.



Truth 1: We build confidence and enable young people to realise their personal and business potential.

Truth 2: We help young people to believe in themselves and their business ideas.

Truth 3: We promote business as a realistic career option for young people.

Truth 4: We listen, engage and respond appropriately to issues faced by young business owners to support informed decision making.

Truth 5: We offer support to the ‘disadvantaged’ and the ‘advantaged’ in the same way.

Truth 6: Our services are free.

Where did it all start?

The Kent Foundation was launched in 1985. The Rt Hon Lord Aldington who was the appointed board chairman invited Kent’s young entrepreneurs and the press to a reception in the grounds of Leeds Castle.

A need had been identified for business support for aspiring young entrepreneurs across Kent. The Kent Foundation was (and still is) a place for ambitious young business owners of Kent to express their business ideas and get the support to turn them into a reality and boost the economy of Kent through business creation, business startup and business growth.


of the Kent Foundation

Viscountess de L’Isle 

Allan Mowatt – Kent Ambassador, OBE


and Volunteers

Stuart Tanton – Director of The Kent Foundation

Hanna McRobbie – Project Coordinator West Kent

Rowan Pringle – Project Coordinator East Kent


of the Kent Foundation

Julian Kirkness – Chairman of The Kent Foundation, Volunteer Business Mentor, Kent Ambassador, Software Specialist

Richard Waller – Vice Chairman of The Kent Foundation, Volunteer Business Mentor, Finance/Accounting specialist

Liz Jenkins – Trustee of The Kent Foundation, Volunteer Business Mentor, Education/Career Specialist and small business owner

David Hughes – Trustee of The Kent Foundation, Kent County Council Economic Development

Pip Lawrence – Trustee of The Kent Foundation, Co-Founder of Day One Wellness

Piperis Filippaios – Trustee of The Kent Foundation, Managing Director of Digital Beans

Mike Angell – Chairman of Kent County Council

Adrian Wenn – Honorary Treasurer, Volunteer Business Mentor

Business Support Services

Research plays a key part in the development of our business support services. We have commissioned numerous pieces of work to find out the most effective, efficient and useful services for Kent’s young business owners. This means we can offer a range of services to engage, inspire, develop and support young people to start up and grow a business.

Our business support services include:

  • Business Advice: An initial meeting usually with a member of staff (sometimes a Mentor) to see how we can help you and your business to grow.
  • Business Mentoring: We have a recruited and trained a strong team of Volunteer Business Mentors from across Kent.
  • Business Support Workshops: We have developed a strong set of content which we deliver to business startups so they can develop their confidence in business.
  • Business Networking: Our high profile event, A Blast! is labelled as ‘Probably The Best Business Networking Event in Kent’ we have other events too, check out our events page.
  • Kent Foundation Business Award: Get your business assessed and meet the criteria to be awarded for Success, Confidence and Sustainability in business.