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“Kent Enterprise Education Partners is billed as an “informal gathering of like-minded professionals with a common purpose of helping young people engage with business and enterprise”

Enterprise Education in Kent

Delivery of enterprise education is growing in popularity across Kent with many delivery organisations established across the County. Schools, colleges and universities are the main target markets in which educational programmes and competitions are structured to help students focus on entrepreneurship. By collaborating with expert volunteers from local businesses or professional trainers there is a vast range of services that are adaptable in providing practical life skills associated with starting and growing a business including:

  • Creating concepts for business ideas
  • Business planning
  • Understanding finance
  • Presentation skills
  • Formal introductions and business networking
  • Teamwork and decision making
  • Leadership

An interactive, fun and engaging way for young people to learn invaluable life skills which are useful in everyday situations and transferrable to becoming actively self-employed, employed or furthering their training/education.

Who’s involved?

With such a high diversity of programmes available they can be ‘off the shelf’ or tailored to suit the needs of the education establishment. We are confident we can build a package to meet your requirements.

Key Partners Include: