Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring in Kent – How can it help your business?

Business Mentoring in Kent for Young PeopleEvery business has a vision. These visions may not always be easy to achieve. Perhaps you or your business doesn’t have the skills or knowledge to reach these. There is an answer – your very own Business Mentor.

Our Business Mentors hold a wide range of skills and knowledge just waiting to be used as a tool to help your business. They will offer you:

  • Business advice and support
  • Recognition of your business aims
  • Undivided attention to help you
  • Someone to talk to

In order for our volunteers to deliver business mentoring in Kent we ensure they all go through a 2 day induction course. This helps our volunteers to recognise their own potential, but more importantly their potential to help you and your business. All of our volunteer business mentors are business people from across Kent, who have volunteered their support to help Kent’s young business owners such as you.

Business Mentoring in Kent for young peopleYou are in control:

Managed by you: Kent Foundation and your business mentor aim to match your enthusiasm and business ideas. Our role is to provide you with information on how to explore, start up, grow or diversify your business.

Provides 1-2-1 individual support: Not only do you get to meet your mentor on a regular basis – usually once per month, you can also phone and e-mail them your business queries. This creates a great relationship and provides you with ongoing business support.

Confidential: What happens when I discuss my business, everyone will know my business ideas? Think again – all issue are strictly confidential between Kent Foundation, the Business Mentor and you.

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“My mentor helps me see what I am doing on a weekly basis. If I have had a bad week or feel that I haven’t achieved much she will get me to talk about everything I have done. At times this has really motivated me as I find I have done much more than I thought.”