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Business Mentoring for young business owners in Kent
Free Business Mentoring in Kent to anyone aged 30 or under. Why is it free I hear you ask? It’s because our Business Mentors are all volunteers who very generously give up their time, expertise and knowledge to provide business support to people like you. We have a vast range of mentors who are all business people and professionals from across Kent. Having this vast range of mentors means that you can have access to a vast range of skills, knowledge and experience to tap in to for your business, ranging from business planning right through to hiring your first member of staff. The question to ask yourself is…

‘Why would you not want a business mentor?’

£120 per hour. On average this is what it would cost you if you were to invest in this kind of business mentoring support privately. This is based on research from our own mentors.

What are the benefits of Business Mentoring ?

Every business has a vision. These visions may not always be easy to achieve. Perhaps you or your business doesn’t have the skills or knowledge to reach these. There is an answer – your very own Business Mentor.Business Mentoring in Kent for Young People

  • Gain practical advice, encouragement and support
  • Tips for your business gained from practical experience
  • Learn from the experiences of others
  • Increase your confidence in business
  • Become more empowered to make decisions
  • Develop your communication and personal skills
  • Develop strategies for dealing with both personal development and business issues
  • Identify goals and establish a sense of direction
  • Ideas for new products or services, or ways of working
  • Increase your network
  • Talk through your business issues with someone independent from your business
  • More effective use of your time, money and resources within your business

Why Business Mentoring from The Kent Foundation?

REVAMP Award Kent Recognition of Excellent Volunteer Management Practice

In order for our volunteers to deliver business mentoring in Kent we ensure they all go through a 2 day induction course. This helps our volunteers to recognise their own potential, but more importantly their potential to help you and your business.  We invest a lot of time in finding the right volunteers to help you, we have even been accredited with a REVAMP Quality Mark (Recognition of Excellent Volunteer & Management Practice).


What to expect from Business Mentoring? 

Getting matched with a Business Mentor: The Kent Foundation aim to match your enthusiasm by finding you the right business mentor to fit your business support needs. Our role is to provide you with information on how to explore your business ideas, create a business, startup, grow or diversify your business.

Business Mentoring in Kent for young peopleHow often do I meet my mentor? We suggest once per month, however this can depend on the availability of both you and your mentor (you’re allowed holidays) and the needs of the business. Once you’ve been matched with your mentor, you arrange the meetings with them at a time, place and location that’s convenient for you both. We encourage phone, email or video calls in between meetings to aid support and develop strong mentoring relationships.

Confidential: What happens when I discuss my business, everyone will know my business ideas? Think again – all issues are strictly confidential between The Kent Foundation, the Business Mentor and you. If you identify a need for additional business support then just ask, it’s likely in our base of mentors we can find you someone to talk to.

“My mentor helps me see what I am doing on a weekly basis. If I have had a bad week or feel that I haven’t achieved much she will get me to talk about everything I have done. At times this has really motivated me as I find I have done much more than I thought.”

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