New CEX store opened by Dishal in Canterbury

dishal-patel-cex-canterbury-kent-foundation-rectangle-426Client: Dishal Patel

Business: CEX Franchisee

Description: Operates 2 CEX Franchises in Ashford and Canterbury



Kent Foundation for young entrepreneurs has been working with budding young entrepreneurs since 1985. In that time, we have seen many success stories, one being Dishal Patel of the CeX franchise.Helping in his family business from the age of four, Dishal now 25 years old, has aspired to be a businessman. His inspiration is his father and other family role models giving him determination, enormous energy and an industrious work ethic.Adopting Kent 2 years ago, Dishal has been supported by Kent Foundation since March 2010. He first shop opened in Ashford in May 2010 and joining his local Chamber of Commerce where he contributed as a town centre businessman. In 2011 Dishal was nominated for the KEiBA Young Entrepreneur of the year… and has now opened his second store in the centre of Canterbury, St Georges Street.Before heading in to the world of entrepreneurship, Dishal graduated University with a degree in 2007, and moved on to the Cass Business School where he completed a BSc in Banking and International Finance. It was after this that he then moved on to working in Investment Management at Fidelity International where he stayed for just under two years.Dishal aspires to be one of Kent’s business leaders, giving something back to the County that embraced him as young man and helping the Kent Foundation support other up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

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“I know you can achieve all you want to achieve in business if you have determination and work hard”