Beebies Baby Store – Business venture from college student Ami Holt

beebies-baby-store-at-kent-foundation-blast-event-rectangle-524Client: Ami HoltBusiness: Beebies Baby Store

Description: A new baby gift business supplying affordable, pretty and practical gifts tailored to suit your needs.

Telephone: 07850858212


Why did you decide to start Beebies Baby Store?

I was inspired to set up Beebies Baby Store when a number of my family and friends fell pregnant around the same time and I struggled to find gifts which were affordable, pretty and useful, so I put hampers together myself. I spotted the gap in the market and so here I am!

What does Beebies Baby Store provide?boys-gifts-rectangle-525

Beebies provides a variety of gifts from Beebies Baby Baskets containing 10 items from well known brands, to personalised cushions and soft furnishings. A baby shower hosting service is also on offer.

You are a college student who has opted for business rather than University. Why do you feel this is the right choice for you?

I have chosen to take the “fourth option” and make my mark on the world of business rather than go to university, as I have always been independent and its my dream to run a successful company.

girls-gifts-8-rectangle-534Imagine yourself in 5 years time. What do you hope to have achieved?

I can’t say too much about my plans for the future, however I do see Beebies Baby Store having a lot of potential to become a national success.

Business Tip

“Believe in your ideas, only tell certain things to certain people and don’t be shy to ask for help!”

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