We are committed to helping Kent’s Enterprise Agenda

Kent Foundation for young entrepreneurs aims to be visionary in our approach and we see ourselves developing into:

“An authoritative source of intelligence about business start up and business growth activities of young people in Kent”

Kent Foundation’s offer to the county’s enterprise agenda includes an:
Observatory Function
As Kent Foundation develops we will gather intelligence relating to young people and enterprise.
We commission annual Research Projects to assist the observatory function.  The research helps us prioritise and deliver services (demonstrating our ability to listen and respond).
Kent Foundation involves Stakeholders when identifying future topics for Research Projects and the research is disseminated at a Stakeholder Summit.
Kent Foundation hosts regular events to present the research findings and engage with potential partners and other organisations who are engaged in developing entrepreneurs in Kent. The value of the research projects will assist in shaping services offered to young people.
One initiative introduced as a result of our Stakeholder Events has been the introduction of a Youth Enterprise Education Forum which brings together representatives from the enterprise education community who have an interest in future enterprise initiatives.
Kent Foundation is pleased to co-ordinate and support
Kent Enterprise Education Partners (KEEP) and its shared vision and principles. All independent partners work together to better support and add value to the enterprise education community.

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