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At school, Hannah Catchlove decided that she wanted to start her own business by the time she was 30. She didn’t know exactly what her business would be, she just knew she wanted to make it happen. Her opportunity arose in 2015 when she was relocating from her home in Kent to Suffolk, when her current employer asked her to continue working with the firm as a freelance graphic designer.

Whilst living in Suffolk, Hannah started to grow her freelance client base and also launched a range of illustrated cards that she began selling online. In 2016, Hannah moved back to Kent and attended the Kent Foundation A Blast! networking event where she found out about the support available and subsequently signed up to be matched with a mentor.

Since moving back to Kent, Hannah’s online shop had been having consistent sales and she was enjoying illustrating and creating new products. She decided this was going to be her business focus and now sells a range of cards, prints and homeware through her website and specialist retailers.  

Hannah first met her mentor, Julie a few months after the A Blast! Event and was low in confidence, having suffered some setbacks in her business. Julie initially helped her with confidence building exercises and overcoming ‘imposter syndrome’ whilst also focusing  Hannah to develop a robust business plan with measurable goals. Hannah and Julie continue to review her progress each month and they set fresh goals for 2019, reflecting on her achievements from the previous year.

Hannah’s plans for 2019 include raising the profile of her brand, particularly across Kent, increasing her range of stockists and to continue building upon the success of her online shop.

Hannah’s biggest success was securing her first retailer and her biggest challenges have been adapting to the isolation of working on her own and securing high quality british manufacturers for her illustrative products.

Hannah’s word of advice for other young people in business are….

Make sure you are starting a business you have a passion for.

Use your Mentor to give you advice and feedback that your friends and family may not want to.

Get systems in place and take advantage of technology to manage your finances, admin and invoicing.

Work when you are most effective, you don’t have to stick to office hours!

Hannah will be exhibiting her products at A Blast! 2019 on 16 May so drop by and say hello!

Mentoring – The hidden asset in any successful business

Adrian Wenn, volunteer mentor and treasurer at the Kent Foundation, looks at the benefits of working with a mentor and outlines some of the considerations a prospective mentee should take to help them find the perfect match for them and their business.

What do Steve Jobs and Sir Richard Branson have in common, other than their obvious business success? Well, both sought the guidance of mentors throughout their careers. While it may be easier to understand in the case of Branson, the Apple founder was famously single-minded, but he was not averse to seeking a little help, advice and support from time to time. No matter whom you are, where you’ve come from, or what you have achieved, a good mentor is an invaluable asset in business.

The young Branson was lucky enough to be introduced to a family friend, who was an accountant. The two would spend one evening a week discussing the basics of bookkeeping. Branson said, ‘it was hugely helpful, and he displayed amazing patience with my repeated requests of, ‘Erm, can you run that one by me just one more time, please.’

The other key individual to guide Branson was Sir Freddie Laker who had previously launched a low-cost Atlantic airline. Laker ultimately failed under the weight of competition and pricing tactics of the numerous state-run airlines that existed at the time. This experience helped Branson to launch Virgin Airlines and succeed against the might of the likes of British Airways.

Steve Jobs equivalent of Laker was former Intel manager Mike Markkula. His investment of $80,000 in equity and $170,000 as a loan earned Markkula a one-third share in Apple, but it was his role as what Jobs called the ‘adult supervisor’ that was by far and away his greatest contribution to keeping the unruly Apple youngsters on track.

The American author and businessman Zig Ziglar captured the essence of mentoring when he said, ’A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.’

While there are an enormous number of business advice books and websites to learn from, a mentor can provide that much-needed context in enabling a business owner to succeed. Some of the key benefits of a mentor are:


Obtaining advice from an experienced individual can make a big difference when it comes to navigating the business world. It can be particularly important to receive guidance from someone who knows you and your business but has no direct connection or vested interest. A dispassionate view is important when making key decisions.


Sometimes business owners need to step back to see the big picture and mentors can help with providing this vital perspective.


Mentors have valuable business connections which have usually developed into trusting relationships over many years. A mentee can gain from both access to these networks but also to have the mentors endorsement when introductions are made.

Confidence and encouragement

Sometimes all it takes to make important business decisions is confidence. Mentors are perfectly positioned to provide guidance and reinforce the business skills their mentees have, making them more self-assured in all of their business dealings.

Sounding board

Running a business can be a lonely existence, and a mentor acts as a sounding board, listening to issues that have arisen and helping the mentee talk through potential solutions. Business owners sometimes just need to vent to someone they trust. They cannot vent to their partners, employees or customers without causing additional problems within the business. However, once they have ‘let off steam’ to a mentor, they can often start the process of working with the mentor to solve the cause of their frustration.


A good mentor should offer constructive challenge and not merely agree with everything their mentee suggests. This ensures that all aspects of a plan have been considered and that the mentee is fully engaged and committed to their business and plans. It also ensures that vital element of realism. In the words of Steve Jobs, ’My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to take these great people we have and to push them and make them even better’.

So what should a mentee consider when thinking about approaching a potential mentor? Three core requirements need to be met for a quality long-term relationship to be established.

Experience. Find someone that has significantly more experience than you. Experience takes time. It takes failure, overcoming roadblocks, and overstepping hurdles before reaching success. Immediate business success may not always translate into a strong mentor.

Values. Make sure your values are similar. It’s incredibly challenging to open up to someone who shares different values than you. When meeting a potential mentor, the following questions are useful. Do they value hard work and commitment? Do they talk in a positive way? Are they condescending? Can they listen? The mentee should think about what is important to them and make sure their mentor shares their core values.

Trust. If you cannot trust someone, you cannot learn from them. Trust is not only about being honest. It is about being able to rely on the mentor to be real, to be present, and to be engaged in the mentees story.

A quick search online will show the vast range of organisations and individuals offering to provide mentoring services. Some initial research by the mentee will be required to assess the credentials of these parties. While we are blessed with many people, who are willing to freely offer their time it is always best to approach any new relationship with a healthy level of scrutiny and scepticism.

Many industry and professional bodies provide valuable access to a range of mentors. In Kent, young business owners have the added support of The Kent Foundation, a charity which was established in 1985 and has over 100 fully trained volunteer business mentors. The support ranges from assisting start ups to more established businesses. The mentoring is complemented by a range of workshops, networking events and intensive roundtable discussions involving mentees and mentors.

While the background and experience of business mentors are varied, the vast majority are motivated by their wish to support like-minded business owners to achieve their full potential. As Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

The Big Ideas Show

The Big Ideas Show is a weekly video and audio series, exploring ‘The Big Picture’ with creative problem solving, goal setting, leadership and motivation. Based in Folkestone, Kent, they work to bring exciting content, thoughts and creative solutions to you for discussion! They talk to creatives, businesses and individuals about what motivates them to do what they do, and where they draw their inspiration from.

Stuart was invited on The Big Ideas Show to share some thoughts on the subject of asking for help and support. We would love to hear your thoughts on this, whether you agree or not. What are your thoughts?

Kent Foundation Awards Reception

On the 15th January 2019, the Kent Foundation held is first Awards Evening. It took place in Sessions House, Maidstone and was very kindly hosted by the Chairman of Kent County Council, Cllr Mike Angell, to recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of our young entrepreneurs and hard working, dedicated team of volunteer business mentors. The evening was opened by Stuart Tanton (Director of the Kent Foundation) and saw three genres of awards being given to nominated trustees, mentors, and mentees following another successful year for The Kent Foundation, and the businesses we support.

First, The Spirit of The Kent Foundation Award, Mike Angell (Chairman of Kent County Council) and Pip Lawrence (Kent Foundation Trustee) awarded those nominated volunteers who had promoted the vision of Kent Foundation, and made significant impact on their mentees and their businesses through the ongoing support they have provided. Eight people received this award. Congratulations go to Oliver Trailor, Adam Bissill, Michaela Partridge, Joanna Dennis, David Kirk, Bryan Hall, Rohani Emmanuelson, and Liz Jenkins.

The second award of the evening recognised Start-up Business of the year. Cllr Mike Angell and Liz Jenkins (Kent Foundation Trustee and Mentor) awarded three young and hardworking businesses as a result of nominations from their mentors. The winners of this award were: Ellie Cachia of Renowned Resourcing, which connects people to their perfect job in the South East, including London, alongside mentor Adrian Wenn; Angie Everett-Penfold of Body Secrets, a massage specialist who also offers beauty service, with mentor Tunde Daczo; and Sophie and Katie Kember of Ruby Frances Bridal, an award winning wedding dress shop, with mentor Paul Markland.

The final award of the evening, the Impact Award, was handed out by Cllr Mike Angell, Julian Kirkness (Chairman of Kent Foundation), and Ben Towers (Award-winning Young Entrepreneur) to three individuals who have individually made a huge contribution in promoting and supporting young people in business and had been nominated in recognition of it; this years incredible winners were Pip Lawrence, Roger Williams, and Adrien Wenn.

A big thank you, and congratulations to you all for what you have achieved.

Following the awards ceremony, the evening continued with some great networking between volunteers and young people, whilst enjoying some exceptional food and a glass or two of Chapel Down wine. Bekka, a young entrepreneur with a new business gaining support from The Kent Foundation, said on reflection “Networking went so well for everyone…Everyone was so kind and welcoming to a new person like me, it was wonderful!” and that she “left the awards night feeling recharged creatively, and ready to work on her business, full of ideas and a confidence in her abilities…and looking forward to the next year!”

Another successful A Blast! Business Networking event at Maidstone TV Studios

This year’s A Blast! business networking event boasted an incredible mix of exhibition space for Kent’s young business owners who showcased their businesses at Maidstone TV Studios. A buzz hit the studios as they networked with their peers and gave the opportunity for the business community of Kent to see and hear the stories behind their successful businesses supported by The Kent Foundation.

This year over 200 people attended for the event and nearly 40 businesses were on show with an eclectic mix of products and services ranging from cookies, kart racing, wedding dresses right through to gluten free chocolate.

Gemma Keith owner of Gemma Keith Designs had this to say about this year’s event:

Gemma Keith Designs“Wow! what an evening I had at the A Blast! event at Maidstone Studios. An inspiring space to hold all kinds of local talent, and business entrepreneurs. A huge thank you to The Kent Foundation for organising such a bubbly and exciting event where you are able to meet all kinds of people. I received so many helpful ideas and positive feedback from people who are whole-heartedly there to help you and want to see you and your business grow. I truly cannot wait until next year’s event to see how everyone has grown! Thank you.”

Our charity is recognised as the go-to place for Kent’s young people in business to receive support to grow their business. This is reliant on our volunteer business mentoring service where business people from across Kent volunteer their time to support Kent’s young business owners to achieve in business. Stuart Tanton, Director of Kent Foundation expands further on the event and business support services:

‘In my first year with the Kent Foundation as Director I am immensely proud of the success of A Blast! 2018. All of the exhibitors are inspirational young business people who are really showing that business is very much alive and well in Kent. Without exception, all of the stands looked amazing, and the professionalism we are seeing is really something we are genuinely excited about. The future of business in Kent looks good! This year’s event has been a real showcase for our charity and Kent’s young people in business. I’d like to extend a special mention to our volunteer business mentors that give up so much time in supporting them.’

The Kent Foundation has ambitious plans for the future in creating a vibrant business community led by young people. Over the last year we have seen an increase in new businesses taking up our offer of business support, and we need to keep this momentum going to reflect the excitement they have, energy they bring, and celebrating the achievements they make.

Check out the photos and videos from the event below:

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Credit – Rose Bainbridge Photography – www.rosebainbridgephotography.comA Blast! 'Probably The Best Business…

Posted by The Kent Foundation on Thursday, 17 May 2018

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Leading Business Mentoring Charity in Kent Appoints Two Young Trustees

Leading Business Mentoring Charity in Kent Appoints Two Young Trustees

The Kent Foundation a leading business mentoring charity in Kent welcomes two young entrepreneurial Trustees to its board. As a charity that specialises in providing free business mentoring to ambitious young business owners aged 30 and under in Kent it is important that this is represented on the board.

The two newly appointed Trustees are Pip Lawrence, Co-Founder of DayOne Wellness, an outdoor personal training and wellbeing company who coach people into the best shape of their lives both mentally and physically. The other is Piperis Filippaios, Managing Director of DigitalBeans, a results driven digital marketing agency based in Canterbury delivering search and social marketing campaigns for clients internationally. He also runs two ecommerce companies sending out thousands of parcels every year internationally.

Julian Kirkness, Chairman of The Kent Foundation was delighted to welcome the two new Trustees.

“We are delighted to welcome Pip Lawrence and Piperis Filippaios to the board of Trustees. The Foundation’s main audience are the inspirational young business people of Kent – and although those of us who were once young have a lot to give in terms of time, knowledge and experience, it is very important that we also understand their needs and aspirations. Pip and Piperis will bring this perspective to the board, both being successful young business people in their own right, as well as former beneficiaries of our services. Their impact is already being felt following the first Trustees meeting of 2018.”

Pip Lawrence, Co-founder of Day One Wellness, Trustee of The Kent FoundationPip Lawrence, Co-Founder of Day One Wellness speaks of her positive experience in business and as a user of the charitable services of the Foundation:

“I was delighted and honoured to be appointed as a young trustee of The Kent Foundation. From a personal point of view, I feel incredibly lucky to have discovered the Kent Foundation when I did. I can honestly say my company DayOne Wellness wouldn’t be anywhere near what it is today without their support. Due to this, I am fiercely passionate about ensuring other aspiring entrepreneurs and ‘young’ growth businesses have access to the support and mentorship that has the potential to dramatically grow Kent’s economy and facilitate positive sustainable change in the County and beyond.”

Piperis Filippaios, Managing Director of DigitalBeans, Trustee of The Kent FoundationPiperis Filippaios gives us insight in to how he is looking forward to working with The Kent Foundation and being a part in developing its future.

“I feel honoured to have been appointed as a trustee of The Kent Foundation. I originally came across The Kent Foundation nearly 10 years ago and was surprised and delighted by the encouragement and support I received at the time. I strongly feel that young entrepreneurs should be able to keep benefiting from the support services offered by Kent Foundation for years to come. I hope that my skills and business experience to date will go some way towards ensuring that young entrepreneurs can keep receiving such services and experiencing ever improving levels of support to help grow their businesses.”