Corralex Media – Star Business of the Month – December 2014


Corralex MediaOur awesome and energetic film making office films real people and their stories – we produce community and human centred documentaries.

Corralex Media launched in 2012 as an agency producing small corporate videos. Although corporate videos are still an important aspect of our work we have a tremendous interest in people. To reflect this we specialise in building relationships with both individuals and communities.

Corralex Media has really enjoyed working with one individual with Asperger’s (a form of Autism) who agreed to take part in a documentary series titled ‘See What I See’. On the community side we produced a really cool show ‘Brilliant Britain – Kent’ which aired for 30 minutes on Sky and SkyHD breaking viewing records for the series.

YouTube is one of our favourite places to hang out. Our channel features our portfolio and a range of video-blogs. They are well received by our audience which is quickly growing in views and subscriptions.

The History of Corralex Media

Bogdan Brilliant Britain

Hey, I’m Bogdan and I run Corralex Media. I’ve always loved making films, when I turned 16 it hit me that I could turn my hobby into a career. This realisation was somewhat a coincidence after spending time working in the world of advertising and freelancing as a PA within various agencies as well as on set as part of the cast in the production of a sitcom. It was here my appetite for business started to grow.

I decided to do something about it so I moved to Kent to study Film, Radio and Television production. During my studies was where I fell in love with producing documentaries, the investigative nature and the fact that they tell real stories was of particular interest to me.

Corralex Media was launched straight after university and this lead to my first piece of work producing a corporate video for sports recruiting company Get Pro. Like every other just-starting artist I’ve secured part time jobs, which fortunately are all film and media related: video content producer for University of Kent and A-Level Media Studies teacher in a boarding school. I use all of my free time to focus on Corralex Media building a sustainable future for the business.

Where Next…

At the start of 2013 the lovely Kent Foundation for young Entrepreneurs, accepted me into their Business Mentoring programme and I was introduced to my Mentor, the MD of Kempt. For the following year I experimented with film and media related platforms: social media, short films and most importantly YouTube.

I started to see how YouTube generates income, and now the Corralex Media channel is a big asset – it features all of our productions and our clients find it an extremely useful tool when they need to look at our work. Our series of video blogs on Autism called ‘See What I See’ has gathered an audience already just through social media promotion.

Corralex Media Directing and ProducingBy late 2013, I partnered with fellow film fanatic and University friend, Lydia Maddix, co-producing & co-presenting the season 3 episode for Brilliant Britain – Kent. This was a promised TV credit for Corralex Media. It was a learning curve: We encountered issues we never thought we would; we made so many phone calls that Vodafone called us to offer an unlimited plan and we did a major amount of research. It wasn’t until the very last week the Brilliant Britain crew was really tested. We were facing a fairly big re-edit and additional content be shot. The hard work paid off and after some patience, I received an email from the series producer letting me know that the final edit will be airing in two weeks’ time…win!

The episode was a complete success and set a record of over 100,000 views. This lead to the channel commending our episode and producing a case study on it. Once the word had spread about this major win for Corralex Media, I found myself on air on a local radio show to tell the story.

Since the success of these projects I have started to be taken more seriously at networking events and have been short listed for a number of projects. These projects include Margate’s Dreamland Heritage film and direct commissions for TED Talks events in London.

Generating Leads

Corralex Media is pushing for factual TV commissions. With still a long way to go, I asked for a little more guidance from Kent Foundation and my Business Mentor on networking. I have since made headway and met with BAFTA winning producers, studio chairmen and talent agencies all of whom have offered me an amazing insight into the world of TV productions. I’m focusing most of my time in building my networks, making contact with producers from London and learning how to pitch, package and develop interesting ideas to suit online and TV slots.

We’re hopeful that if things go well, in a couple of years’ time Corralex Media will be able to expand towards journalistic research and Social Media services.

Reflecting on my experiences so far I can give myself and you this advice:

“Be patient, offer every lead an equal importance and never trash an idea 

– sooner or later it will have a use.”

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November 27, 2014

Well done Bogdan! 2014 was a major leap forwards - here's to a mega 2015!

December 6, 2014

Thanks Chris :D I'm on it, there's a strategy here :)

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