KCC Chairman visits Kent’s Young Entrepreneurs

On the 29th March 2019, the Chairman of Kent County Council, Cllr Mike Angell, and the Director of The Kent Foundation, Stuart Tanton, had a day out visiting young entrepreneurs and business owners. The visits were organised for Mike and Stuart to see the success these companies have had, as well as some time to get to know the business owners and understand some of the challenges they may of faced in their business journeys.

Ruby Frances Bridal, a designer wedding dress shop located in Minster, Thanet, and owned by sisters and business partners Sophie and Katie Kember was recently awarded The Kent Foundation Startup of the Year Award at our event in January. While there, Mike, Stuart, and the young business owners were able to talk in depth about the truly impressive boutique, what they offer, and what goes on behind the scenes for Sophie and Katie. Following the discussion, Mike and Stuart were also given an opportunity to have a guided tour around the store by the owners themselves.

We’ve just had a lovely visit from The Chairman of Kent County Council, Mr Mike Angell and Stuart Tanton, Director of The Kent Foundation, to talk all about our business and what we do. It was a pleasure looking after them both and showing them around our shop this morning! “

@rubyfrancesbridal on Instagram

Ben Towers, an Award Winning Young Entrepreneur and former mentee of The Kent Foundation, was also visited at his office by the Chairman and Director after their initial meeting at the January event. Towers, an influential businessman who started in the sector at the age of 11, sat down with Mike and Stuart to discuss his relationship with the business world, as well as what he believes regarding the future of young entrepreneurship and all the wonders that it could lead to.
“For me it’s always the dream for youth entrepreneurship to be encouraged and developed. It’s something that’s been a huge part of my story and I know just how significant it can be for myself and other young people in my field when we see our grind and hard work being recognised and pushed.  
It was a real honour to be able to welcome the Chairman of Kent Council yesterday to my office and sit down to discuss the endless possibilities that could come from pushing youth entrepreneurship.”

@ben.towers on Instagram

SimplyHair is operated from Hersden, near Canterbury by Piperis and Amy Filippaios, Piperis is also a Kent Foundation trustee. Their company distributes high quality hair extensions and tools for application to beauticians, parlours, and the public . While there, Stuart and Cllr Mike Angell were able to talk to Piperis and his team about the company’s target markets, growth to date, and their plans for growth in the future. Mike and Stuart were also given a tour of the warehouse and the opportunity to ask questions to Piperis and his colleagues regarding the business.

“We were honoured and pleased to host Cllr Mike Angell at our office and give him a tour of the SimplyHair warehouse. I personally enjoyed hosting Mike and I know that the rest of the team also enjoyed meeting him and answering his questions, of which there were many!”
Piperis Filippaios

A huge thank you to Sophie, Katie, Ben, and Piperis for hosting Stuart and Cllr Mike Angell!

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