The Kent Foundation launched its Volunteer Business Mentor service in 2010. Since then we have recruited and trained 110 business professionals from across Kent. With demand for our services always increasing we are always interested in recruiting more volunteers. By becoming a Volunteer Business Mentor you allow us to provide greater specialist support to Kent’s young business owners.

What to expect as a Volunteer Business Mentor:

  • Primarily the role of a Volunteer Business Mentor is to aid young people in making decisions about their business.
  • Recommended time commitment of one hour per month meeting a young person, plus frequent phone calls and emails as necessary. Additional meetings often occur depending on the availability of the mentor and support required by the young person.
  • We ask every potential Volunteer Business Mentor to complete an interactive, engaging and hands on 2 day training course with other potential mentors.
  • Match the young persons enthusiasm to encourage using their own initiative.
  • Recognise the core value of this service as being equal and voluntary. The young person voluntarily expresses an interest in receiving business support. The Mentor has volunteered their time to support Kent’s young people. This creates an equal and voluntary relationship between both parties and is a major strength of this service.
  • The opportunity to network with other Mentors on a regular basis.

“Having a mentor during the process of starting a business was hugely beneficial to me. Having someone with knowledge and experience in business as well as an unbiased opinion helped me make the right decisions, the first time. I had great support in creating a business plan that I could use as a tool and a guide during different growth stages of my business” Daniel Warren – Mint Fresh Services

Useful Information:

Volunteer Business Mentor – The Kent Foundation – Role Description – Provides a useful outline on our expectations and what you can expect in return.
Volunteer Business Mentor Handbook 2016 – The Kent Foundation – This forms the basis of the 1.5 day induction programme.

For three years The Kent Foundation was a part of the Netforce 2 Project: Promoting the Spirit of Enterprise. This research project provided valuable research, insights, monitoring and evaluative reports helping us to grow and improve our prestigious Volunteer Business Mentoring Service.


Volunteer Business Mentor Induction Kent
Volunteer Business Mentor Kent
Volunteer Business Mentor Induction

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