<b>Supporting Young People</b> - We offer a range of services to young people in order to support the economic development of Kent. Our target market is young entrepreneurs with a real passion and drive to take their ideas forward. <b>Business Mentoring</b> - Every business has a vision. These visions may not always be easy to achieve. Perhaps you or your business doesn’t have the skills or knowledge to reach these. There is an answer – your very own Business Mentor. <b>Sponsor Our Charity</b> - Boost Business start up amongst Kent’s young people!


Aged Under 30 and living in Kent?

Looking to start a business?

Looking to grow a business?

    1-2-1 advice and support to help you achieve your business aims. Delivered by business owners, experts and professionals.

    Features include: Star Business of the Month, expert advice from Guest Bloggers plus inspiring business stories.

    Revitalise your own creativity, stimulate your business acumen and support a young, inspiring and potential business person.  

    We are always happy to help, here’s the place to drop us a message and get in touch.


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