Another successful A Blast! Business Networking event at Maidstone TV Studios

This year’s A Blast! business networking event boasted an incredible mix of exhibition space for Kent’s young business owners who showcased their businesses at Maidstone TV Studios. A buzz hit the studios as they networked with their peers and gave the opportunity for the business community of Kent to see and hear the stories behind their successful businesses supported by The Kent Foundation.

This year over 200 people attended for the event and nearly 40 businesses were on show with an eclectic mix of products and services ranging from cookies, kart racing, wedding dresses right through to gluten free chocolate.

Gemma Keith owner of Gemma Keith Designs had this to say about this year’s event:

Gemma Keith Designs“Wow! what an evening I had at the A Blast! event at Maidstone Studios. An inspiring space to hold all kinds of local talent, and business entrepreneurs. A huge thank you to The Kent Foundation for organising such a bubbly and exciting event where you are able to meet all kinds of people. I received so many helpful ideas and positive feedback from people who are whole-heartedly there to help you and want to see you and your business grow. I truly cannot wait until next year’s event to see how everyone has grown! Thank you.”

Our charity is recognised as the go-to place for Kent’s young people in business to receive support to grow their business. This is reliant on our volunteer business mentoring service where business people from across Kent volunteer their time to support Kent’s young business owners to achieve in business. Stuart Tanton, Director of Kent Foundation expands further on the event and business support services:

‘In my first year with the Kent Foundation as Director I am immensely proud of the success of A Blast! 2018. All of the exhibitors are inspirational young business people who are really showing that business is very much alive and well in Kent. Without exception, all of the stands looked amazing, and the professionalism we are seeing is really something we are genuinely excited about. The future of business in Kent looks good! This year’s event has been a real showcase for our charity and Kent’s young people in business. I’d like to extend a special mention to our volunteer business mentors that give up so much time in supporting them.’

The Kent Foundation has ambitious plans for the future in creating a vibrant business community led by young people. Over the last year we have seen an increase in new businesses taking up our offer of business support, and we need to keep this momentum going to reflect the excitement they have, energy they bring, and celebrating the achievements they make.

Check out the photos and videos from the event below:

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Credit – Rose Bainbridge Photography – www.rosebainbridgephotography.comA Blast! 'Probably The Best Business…

Posted by The Kent Foundation on Thursday, 17 May 2018

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VooServers – Kent Star Business of the Month – September 2014

About VooServers®

VooServers was founded in March 2005 by its current technical director Matt Parkinson who had a keen interest in I.T. and the way it could influence and aid businesses and day to day life. The company has been built around its key principal of customer service always putting the customers’ welfare first in any key decisions. Since 2005 our product portfolio has grown significantly to include almost all aspects of hosted and managed I.T. services as well as complete data centre solutions such as entire hosted offices including e-mails, phone systems, electronic resource planning, document collaboration etc. With our 10 year anniversary approaching we now have 3 different global points of presence serving a wide range of clients from small businesses up to multi-national PLC’s whilst still maintaining our original business ethics in everything we do.

About Me

I started the company when I was 16 and just about to start sixth form at the Howard School in Rainham. I had always been interested in the ability to make your own way in life and combined with a strong passion for I.T. the two naturally came together to form what was originally a hobby intended to make a little bit of money to see me through school.

Matt Parkinson - Voo Servers KEiBA Finalist

Having started the company when I was still at school this often became a barrier to the development in the early years not only due to time constraints but the perception of me by potential customers. In the first few years I tried to steer clear of making my age known to anyone and most business was performed purely by phone or e-mail but even now having just turned 25 customers are often surprised at how long I have been running VooServers.

Over the years the hobby grew and grew and whilst I was still living at my parents and operating out of my brothers old bedroom I realised there was no better time for me to give my own company a go as a full time operation. Later in life there were going to be mortgages, bills and other commitments I would have to keep to and not having these at the time meant I was able to grow the business at a steady rate and handle all areas of the business in an efficient and controlled manner.

The Past and the Future of VooServers

The past 18 months has seen substantial growth going from having 2 members of staff to 7 and opening 2 new locations in New York and Frankfurt alongside expanding our primary location in Maidstone, Kent. We currently serve customers in more than 70 countries around the world so setting up new locations in key markets is essential to serving those customers efficiently.

The 2 new locations have also been fundamental in us launching our new highly resilient services in the past year which use all 3 of our locations to provide an always on and always available service which is key to our success as more businesses are turning to 24/7 operations and requiring access to data whenever and wherever they want it.

The vision for VooServers in the future is to continue developing new services as new technology is released alongside starting to innovate our own products and services based on in house research and technology which is not yet available on the market.

The launch of new locations in the past 18 months has also allowed us to see the potential for VooServers to become a globally recognised brand and we are already seeing a significant growth as a result of launching these new locations. Our sights are currently set on the possibility of opening additional locations in Moscow and Singapore in the near future to further enhance our offerings and growth.

My Business Tip

My business tip actually comes from Sir Richard Branson but it is the one thing that is always in my head and I think is key to the success of a young entrepreneur.

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes –

then learn how to do it later!”

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