The Able Label Winter 2017/18 Range

The Able Label known as the retailer of ‘beautiful clothes, designed to make dressing easier’ are thrilled to announce the launch of their new Winter Collection. In The Able Label Winter Collection 2017/18 you can see the introduction of:

  • The Able Label Adaptive ClothingStunning wool mix coats without the fiddly fastenings (actually closing with Velcro)
  • Sophisticated and on trend rich red tones in our best selling shapes
  • Wraps to keep the chill off without the faff of contending with armholes and a squared off neck to help prevent the wrap from falling off shoulders
  • Super stretchy, easy care trousers in a warm ponte fabric that have no fastenings

Who are The Able Label?

The Able Label Winter Collection of Adaptable Clothing 2017/18The Able Label is a British company that designs, makes and retails clothes. BUT not just any clothes – beautiful clothes, which are inclusively designed making them easier to dress into and out of.

The range was inspired by young entrepreneur Katie Ellis’ Grandmother who has Parkinson’s. At the time, she only needed a little extra support with dressing but hated the fact Katie’s Grandfather had to help. She also still wanted to remain stylish, keeping her identity – there was no way she was going to settle for anything which sacrificed this!

Having searched together for alternative adaptive clothes that would meet both her functional and fashion needs, it soon became apparent that there was nothing suitable. Shocked by the lack of options, Katie Ellis decided to do something about this, drawing on her experience as a fashion buyer for White Stuff. The Able Label was born to help all those in the same situation as Katie’s Grandmother, who do not want to, and should not have to sacrifice their style for functional clothes.

What makes The Able Label Winter Collection different?

The Able Label Winter collection provides stylish women’s clothes, which are comfortable and high quality like traditional clothes but have the added benefit of being easy dress like adaptive clothes. Think style not fashion, quality not quantity and easy touch closures instead of fiddly fastenings.

Attention to detail is always at the heart of everything we do. We appreciate it is the little things in life that can make the biggest difference. The quality fabrics, discrete adaptive designs, innovative fastenings and hidden extras make dressing a lot easier for those who may suffer from restricted movement or lack of finger dexterity perhaps through, arthritis, a stroke or just the general effects of ageing.

What really sets The Able Label apart?

We aim not only to help maintain the independence of anyone who may find it hard to dress in conventional clothing but also instil self-esteem by providing the perfect combination of function and fashion making you look good and feel even better. We have:

  • No fiddly fastenings
  • No overhead dressing

When worn, you would never know the clothes were adapted, so… it’s our secret!Adaptive Clothing from The Able Label Winter Collection 2017/18

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