Clockwork Moggy: Star Business of the Month – November 2013


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Client: Carrie Stay and Neil Dickson

Business: Clockwork Moggy – Branding and Web Design

Description: Creative graphic design, unique web design and original illustration. Complete company branding to suit your needs.

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Telephone: 01634 388 916

Our partnership company was founded 4 years ago. We (Carrie and Neil) met at college with similar interests in Graphic design and illustration. We both worked very hard to achieve our degrees. Before Clockwork Moggy was founded, I (Carrie) was working for publishing companies on a variety of magazine titles from music to lifestyle, whilst Neil was working for a large publishing company in Surrey. We thought it silly to be working hard for other people when we had the experience and know-how to work for ourselves and fully let our creativity loose for our own clients. We decided to put the 9-5 lifestyle behind us.

Now, we know the name (Clockwork Moggy) isn’t the norm but as a branding and web design company, it was a must to stand out from any other design team, practicing what we preach! We often have many of our clients ask us where the name comes from and we can only reply with ‘the deep depths of our quirky minds’.

Clockwork Moggy has developed significantly in the last 4 years, not only in terms of our client base but also in the variety of projects we have worked on. From packaging graphics for a company that sell flavoured bugs (yes, real ones!!) to ecommerce stores to help businesses grow and sell online as well as a fair few branding projects for small to medium businesses.

We love design and strive to keep on developing as a company and keeping up with the latest technology and design trends is a must!

Business Tip

‘Always strive to be the best you can be. Whatever your chosen career path’.

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