Purrfect Animal Services of Kent

Purrfect Animal Services of Kent

Hi, I’m Clare and I run Purrfect Animal Services of Kent, an animal care service based in Faversham. It provides Pet Sitting, Dog Walking and Animal Day Care services in the East Kent area.

I came up with my business idea after I graduated with an Animal Science HND. I was frustrated working in dead end jobs, not earning enough money, and not being able to use my knowledge of animals and the skills I have gained in my working life. So, last year I took the leap and decided that I was going to create a job for myself, be my own boss, and build a business using my love and compassion for animals.

I have 10+ years of experience with animals, with a particular interest in cats. I have had many of my own pets over the years, volunteered at animal sanctuaries and shelters, worked on a farm, gained plenty of practical experience with a range of animals, and studied hard for several qualifications and certificates over the years – which all my customers are shown during their consultation. All this has helped me to provide a professional approach to my work. My customers know that animal welfare and their pet’s needs are my top priority. Each animal is treated as an individual.

Clare Pet Sitter and Dog Walker FavershamI know it can be a stressful time for pets and their owners when they spend time away from home. Leaving them at a kennel or cattery, or even a boarding home, can be an extremely confusing and unpleasant experience for an animal that is taken away from both their home and their owner(s). I enjoy taking that stress away from pet owners by providing them with a peace of mind that their much loved pet(s) will receive the best possible love, care and attention.

Since Purrfect Animal Services of Kent launched, business has really taken off and I now enjoy the job that I have.  My next step is to look in to getting my own transport so that I can expand the business. I would like to be more flexible and provide my services in rural locations and other areas of Kent.


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